A New Age of Team Management has Begun

An Agile Transformation seeks to train, coach and progress teams, departments and even the whole company towards cross-functional, end-to-end agile squads and business functions.All levels of the company are changed, although this may take a long time to achieve.Governance, business models and relationships with customers are also fundamentally changed.Most importantly, your company will have new ways of working alongside deep cultural and mindset changes – specifically around customer centricity, agile work and processes, lean startup and entrepreneurship, and flexibility and fast product development.

Ekipa can help your company plan, begin and continue an Agile Transformation through training, leadership coaching, restructuring and team coaching.All Agile Transformations are different because all companies and markets are different so Ekipa co-creates your Agile Transformation with you.

Join the Movement. Become Agile and Lean

With the community of Ekipa we are actively fostering the implementation of agile team management, scrum methodology and lean startups in Indonesia.

We are a team of experts, coaches and business owners from Indonesia and all over the world. We are creating meetups, conferences and events from Jakarta to Bali to raise awareness for scrum and agile team management.

We are coaching your team through the process of changing mindset and desired behavior in your organization. We are educating developers, scrum masters and managers to adopt lean methods. We are preparing you for the 21st century and beyond.

Get Ready to Level up Your Organization.

If you are ready to do the next step, we are more than happy to support you through the process of transforming your organization. Enquire with us now for a 1 hour free consultation to better understand your needs.

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