OKR. Objective Key Results Ebook

OKR and OKR Examples 101 Ebook
[Bahasa Indonesia]

What made Google grew into a giant company today?

Turned out one of the key is they're using OKR in terms of planning and executing their strategies.

Now, what is OKR?

Inside the OKR Ebook

Explanation of OKR

- What is OKR?
- How to build OKR?
- Why do you need OKR?

OKR Examples

- OKR C-Level
- OKR Marketing Department
- OKR Sales Department
- OKR Business Operation Department
- OKR Human Resources (HR) Department
- OKR Finance Department
- OKR Information Technology (IT) Department
- OKR Product Development
- OKR Project Management Department
- OKR Customer Service
- OKR Customer Success
- OKR UI/UX Team

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