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Enhancing the IT solutions capabilities is a regular concern of technology companies. Ekipa can help you solve this challenge efficiently. We help businesses in Indonesia to build successful IT solutions through an agile team of software professionals from our development center in India. You can easily pull off a team of dedicated developers from our pre-vetted talent pool. This comes very handily when it’s difficult to complete a project with your existing in-house team. 

The strong domain expertise and niche technical competence of our professionals ensure the sound execution of your project. Each teammate has strong interpersonal and communication skills leading to hassle-free collaboration. Whatever be your need: team augmentation to build custom business IT solutions or turning your ideas into solutions with our cross-functional team, we have customized solutions.

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Our Core Service Model

Distributed Agile Teams

If you are planning to enhance your IT solutions capabilities by augmenting your in-house development team, this is your ideal engagement model.

Our dedicated software developers in India will function as a seamless extension of the client’s team by fully complying with the corporate culture, rules, and practices of the client’s company.

Agile-Based Projects

This model helps you hand over your IT solutions project to a seasoned team of cross-functional specialists. It works well for projects with volatile scope by accommodating flexible requirements through an extremely iterative approach.

You will get complete benefits of Agile software development & delivery with transparent client involvement.

Core IT Solutions We Provide

Custom Software Development Services

UI/UX Design and Development Services

Full Stack Development Services

Software Quality Assurance Services

Mobile App Development Services


DevOps Services

Core Technology Stacks


Open Source












Why Ekipa as Your Preferred IT Solutions Company

Ekipa is a promising IT solutions company powered by agile-devoted entrepreneurs and techies. Besides being Indonesia’s trusted agile coaching agency, we have become a reliable name in business IT solutions as well.

We are the sister concern of Bridge Global, a leading custom software development company in the Netherlands. With such a veteran name to handle our IT operations, we are positively helping Indonesian businesses with outsourced IT support.

Reasons to Choose us:

Why Do You Need Agile Business IT Solutions?

Joining hands with a dependable and agile IT solutions company is the best way to outshine your competition. The use of agile methodology gives your projects the ability to release quicker, often, and with higher predictability. Iterative development is the crux of agile software development, and Ekipa is all about this.

As a leading agile IT solutions company, we help businesses in Indonesia to excel in their respective domains. 

Agile Business IT Solutions help in getting:

As the agile team delivers work in small but consumable increments, the overall quality of the final product is greater.

Stakeholder and team engagement helps the team to deliver working software early by truly understanding the client’s vision.

As clients are involved throughout the project they get to see their work in progress through advanced reporting tools and techniques.

Agile IT solutions process helps in identifying and predicting risks. It also offers the opportunity to evolve effective mitigation plans to deal with these risks.

Delivering new features frequently with a high level of predictability is easy in an agile time-boxed approach. It helps in hitting the market soon.

Agile is a flexible approach to business IT solutions that allows the team to constantly refine and reprioritize the overall product backlog.

As the client determines the priority of features, the team understands the client’s business priorities and can deliver the most needed features. 

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