Start Agile

15 years of wisdom in one book.
The ultimate guide to start
your agile journey.

Inside the Book

Part 1:
5 Capabilities, 5 Shifts

Transformation starts with leadership. We identified 5 capabilities to develop agile leaders. From there, we discuss 5 big shifts in the way people think about work.

Part 2:
Agile Fundamentals

To start with agile, we must look at the agile manifesto, scrum, kanban.

This gives a basic understanding of both the ‘being agile’ and the ‘doing agile’. 

Part 3:
Enterprise Agility

From the agile fundamentals, we move on to bringing a large group of people into the agile way of working. The ultimate goal is creating an innovation engine.

What the Readers Said

Agile Entrepreneur

Hugo Messer has been building companies since a young age.
He’s always believed in the power of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is about energy, initiative, ‘screw it let’s do it’. Hugo is passionate about transformation, both on a personal and a company level.

Since he moved to Indonesia in 2016, he started helping Indonesian enterprises to foster the entrepreneurial ‘spark’.

3 Pillars of Transformation


Cross functional, self organized teams. Empowerment, transparent feedback. 
The new way of working.


Servicing customers through digital solutions. Creating new apps and business models. Building and validating them. The products of the future. 


Fixing stuff, making the world a better place, breaking rules, doing what nobody else is doing. Creating an innovation engine.