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What is Agile Coaching?

Agile coaching program is about what agile coaches bring to the team to help them get better in implementing agile. 

Our agile coaches will empower individuals and teams more effectively, collaboratively, and cohesively in order to deliver better outcomes, products, solutions and services that customer love. 

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Why Ekipa Agile Coaching?

Agile Maturity Assessment

How agile your organization is?

Let us show you the level agility in your organization with Agile Maturity Assessment developed by Ekipa.

Certified Agile Coach

Your journey to bring entrepreneurship and agility in your organization will accompanied by our group of self-organizing and well experienced agile coach with various backgrounds.

90 Days Agile Coaching

We are understand that your struggling to create value for your customer with innovation is not easy.

We will make your struggling easier with 3 phase of agile coaching, start from pre coaching sessions, during coaching sessions, and post coaching sessions.

Agile Coaching Programs

Agile Team Coaching

Stuck with your team progress in adopting and implementing agile practices?

It’s sign your agile team needs agile coach to help facilitate, train, mentor, and coach team members in their adoption of agile understanding and practice.

Enterprise Agile Coaching

The quickest way to keep the transformation ball rolling in your organization is to hire an enterprise agile coach.

Our enterprise agile coach will works across departments, developing the leaders, and foster the organization to implement agile in order to catalyze the organization to achieve the vision and goals.

Agile Coaching Tracks

Our agile coaching program include 3 phases to help you bring agility into your organization more effectively and comprehensively.

1st Phase: Pre-coaching Sessions

Agile Maturity Assessment (AMA)

Are you curious how agile your organization is? We provide Agile Maturity Assessment to assess the agility health of your organization and team.

This assessment is based on 4 categories: People, Process, Structure & Tools

Roadmap Planning Session

Let us guide you to create direction to do innovation and transformation.

We will start with clear story and goal.

Action Plan

The AMA serves as a baseline at the start of the transformation and Roadmap as our compass.

Now we are on right track, it’s time to start your innovation and transformation journey with action plan that we are created for you.

Customized Agile Training

Before you jump in into coaching session. We will provide you with customized agile training according to your needs.

The goals is having clear understanding about agile.

2nd Phase: During Coaching Sessions

Coaching Session

It’s time to improve your agility of your organization.

The result from combination of AMA results, coach observation, and interview with the tribe will produce comprehensive result. Based on the combining result our agile coach will present action plan in OKR format for the next 3 months.

3rd Phase: Post-coaching Sessions

Agile Maturity Report

You want to know how far your organization goes after coaching?

You will see the result in the agile maturity report.

Summary of Achievements

Your team have worked hard to implement entrepreneurial and agile mindset.

It’s time to appreciate them.

Summary of Challenges

You will have clear direction to overcome upcoming challenges.

Because at the end of coaching sessions, we will give you summary of challenges with key action plan as derivative of recommendations.

Ekipa Agile Coaches Profile

Ugeng Wijaya

Highly Competent Scrum Master and Very Capable Agile Coach with the history working of manufacturing industry. He contribute to build agile ecosystem in Indonesia through the agile book that he has written.


Muhamad Fadlansyah

Experienced Agile Coach with education background in Information and Technology. His experience as software developer hone the understanding of agile.

Profile photo Krisna

Krisna Putrianti

Experienced Agile Coach with passion for developing ideas from scratch and in house product. She was an accomplished quality assurance, business analyst, and product development with more than 12 years experience

Komal Bhalla

Experienced scrum master, agile coach, and php professional with more than 10 years experience spanning the UK, Indonesia, India, and Australia.

ardiansyah muchtar

Ardiansyah Muchtar

Experienced agile coach who passionately in Human Resource and Information & Technology.

He is a hybrid person who combine HR & IT approach and perspective.

Zen Aufa Bahalwan

Experienced Scrum Master with a demonstrated history of working in the Startup, Corporate, and Consulting Company with knowledge of e-commerce and fintech industry.

Ekipa Enterprise Agile Coaches Profile

Hugo Messer

Entrepreneur and agile innovator who has been building and managing teams around the world for over 16 years.

Ranco Kraaijenbrink

An agile transformation coach with background in strategic marketing and entrepreneurship.

For more than 10 years he had taken on various commercial assignment executed with great result for multinationals in Indonesia and Netherlands

Edi Indriyotomo

Well-Experienced transformational lead with regional Asia Pacific working exposure from various backgrounds such as financial services, consumer goods, oil & energy, and Government.

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