What Will Innovation Training Do?

With Innovation Training, we will deploy true entrepreneurial teams that help you create startups.

Instead of creating them internally, we start new ventures from the ground up.

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Design Sprint

1 intense week in which we gather AND validate all problems, opportunities and ideas for new products and services. The main angle are problems the industry has.

The outcome of the design sprint will be several validated product or service ideas.


90 Days Product Path

Our venture building team will use the iterative lean startup approach to further validate the product or service.

The goal of this phase is to do user, product and market validation, together with you and potential users.

Venture Launch.

12 Months
Venture Building

Once we have a validated product or service, we incorporate the venture. Usually this is a joint venture with your company.

We bring in the startup founder, architect and team, assisted by one of our senior venture partners. Our team’s focus is bringing the product to series A.

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