Zen Aufa Bahalw an
Scrum Master

Duren Tiga, Pancoran, Jakarta

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24-25 Sep 2019

Haris Hotel Tebet - Jakarta

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About Zen Aufa Bahalwan

Zen is an experienced Scrum Master and Product Owner through his time working at MatahariMall.com and Livaza.com.

With Ekipa Zen has worked as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master for Online Pajak for the last three months

Zen is committed to making Agile and Scrum processes work and applies inspect and adapt principles to add value to Process and Delivery. His experience as a Product Owner makes him sensitive to the demands of business stakeholders and he always focuses first on the delivery of business value. He also has experience working as a manager with a team using Kanban – working with an IT Security and Growth Marketing team he moved them to a Kanban board approach as their workflow was not suited to Scrum

Zen’s technical background and exposure to teams working towards CI/ CD would make him an asset for a highly technical team that wants to improve their agile practices. Zen has good soft skills though, is an excellent and thoughtful communicator and is always motiviated to learn more about Agile

His aim is to be a Agile coach and enrich product delivery through Scrum. He volunteers as Public Relations at PKMN-id.com and has participated as a volunteer for Agile Impact Indonesia 2018