Wahid Nurdin
CEO & Co-Founder

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About Wahid Nurdin

Wahid has more than 9 years experience in the IT world and has journeyed from being a system administrator, programmer, project manager, Scrum Master and now to Agile coach. He has a excellent technical understanding of IT and software, but is also strongly focused on business outcomes and the human side of Agile.

Wahid today have a mission to create high performance organizations with delivering happiness in workplace.

Agile is now a central part of Wahid, his passion for researching and applying the Agile mindset led him to learn and implement Agile practices in companies in Indonesia and India. In the past 2 years, he has helped many companies transform from traditional ways of working to Agile. He has deep experience training, coaching, consulting and mentoring.

Wahid Co-founder of Ekipa, founded the Agile Circles Bandung community and is a co-organizer in the Agile Indonesia and Devopsdays conferences.