Agile Transformation Case Studies.

Agile in a Telco Industry

In order to enhance its product development processes and shorten time to market, the Telco company began its agile transformation journey more than three years ago.

The business was still dealing with a number of issues, though, which were preventing it from progressing.


These were the Challenges that
needed to be Overcame

Roadmap Gap

The telco company’s current transformation roadmap was too idealistic and challenging to put into practice.

The company was having trouble bridging the gap between the expected results and the actual progress.

Scaling Agile

Scaling agile practices across the organization presented difficulties for the telco company.

The use of numerous frameworks made scaling and managing it difficult.

Managing Dependency between Tribes

The Telco company was having trouble controlling the dependencies between tribes, which was causing delays and lengthened development cycle times.

Need to Level Up
the Skills of Scrum Master

The telecommunications company realized that its Scrum Masters needed to advance their abilities from team to organizational levels.

The business’s progress was being impacted by its inability to strike the right balance between technical and leadership skills.


How we tailored
our services to help them

Roadmap Refinement

Ekipa collaborated with the telco company to improve its transformation roadmap and pinpoint achievable goals.

This required prioritizing the most effective initiatives and coordinating the roadmap with the organization’s vision and goals.

Develop Agile Maturity Assessment

In order to assess the organization’s agile maturity and pinpoint areas for development, Ekipa conducted an agile maturity assessment.

This provided a baseline to measure progress and prioritize initiatives.

Standardize Agile Frameworks

In order to develop a standardized and scalable methodology, Ekipa assisted the telco company in standardizing its agile frameworks and practices.

This required combining various frameworks and methods and defining a set of accepted procedures and rules.

Agile Coaching

Teams and leaders can improve their agile practices by working with dedicated Agile Coaches provided by Ekipa.

This included coaching on agile practices and principles, running training sessions and workshops, and offering ongoing guidance and assistance.


The Outcomes
that We Achieved

Transformation Roadmap

The telco company was able to improve its transformation roadmap and obtain achievable results.

This resulted in a 50% faster implementation time and a 30% increase in initiative success rates.

Agile Maturity

According to the Agile Maturity Assessment, the telco company’s agile maturity score improved across the board, going from basic to good.

As a result, efficiency rose by 40%, and cycle time dropped by 30%.

Standardized Agile Frameworks

The telco company was able to create a consistent and scalable strategy by standardizing its agile frameworks and practices.

As a result, complexity was reduced by 50% and team alignment rose by 40%.

Agile Coaching

Teams and leaders at the telco company were able to enhance their agile practices and skills thanks to focused Agile Coaching.

As a result, collaboration increased by 50% and technical skills increased by 30%.

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