Scaling Up Training.

Accelerating Scaling Up in Crazy Times

We all live in turbulent times and our business needs to adapt continuously at lightning speed. Everything that seems to be certain appears not to be. At the same time, we see the role that our business needs to fulfill in making the world a better place.

You may have questions such as “How can I do that?”, “How can I lead my business while scaling up?” and “How do I enjoy the ride?”.

Scaling Up

The book “Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t” by Verne Harnish gives the answer. Scaling up is a performance platform for your business which you implement in a very practical way.

With Scaling up you will achieve a state where you work in flow with disciplined people with disciplined thought working with disciplined action on sensational outcomes.

What's All About?

Scaling up is for you if you’re an entrepreneur or innovator looking to grow your business. Growing a business is not only about attracting investors.

It’s also about creating a stable foundation. About having the right people doing the right things. Finding the bottlenecks in the business and unlocking them so you can scale faster.

Our Partner

Co-founder of ScaleUp Company

Pieter van Osch

Pieter has 30+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, first internationally with VC-based tech companies and the last 10 years as a certified Scaling up entrepreneur. Free to contribute to real authentic impact. Pieter believes that this is exactly what is needed now.

Pieter is co-founder of ScaleUp Company in 2009 and a certified Scaling up coach since 2009. Pieter now has 703 companies in Europe policy with the Scaling up method. Pieter is the author of the book De Meaning formula, in which profit * purpose is central.


We have now created a special Scaling up microlearning program based on our 10+ years of experience with more than 800 companies around the world. Our purpose is to enable more companies to untap their potential and contribute the society in the best possible way.

This program consists of four modules:


Having the right people in the right seats at the right moment will make all the difference. That allows you to create a harmonious culture with accountability.


Doing the right things. Strategy is about setting an appealing yet challenging strategy that every stakeholder signs up to. Key components are finding and expressing your north star (the BHAG) and finding your sandbox with brand promises.


Doing the things right. You will learn the three disciplines to master: priorities, kept promise indicators (KPI’s), and the meeting rhythm.


Harvesting the result of having the right people in the right seat at the right moment doing the right things in the right way. You will learn about the Cash Acceleration Strategies and the Power of One, which makes finance more than just reporting about the past.

Every module is a two-hour online session in English. You will get a preparation assignment from Verne Harnish’ book in advance for every module.

The two hours are jam-packed with inspiring eye-openers and very practical tools. Inspiration will spark you, but the tools make sure thatmake that you will really execute. And this is exactly the purpose: whatever happens around you, get in motion and stay there.

The right time to scale up your company is now. Scaling up while enjoying the ride – even in crazy times.

Interested in Scaling Up?