Komal Bhalla
Agile Coach

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About Komal Bhalla

  • Certified Scrum Master, Agile Coach and PHP professional having 10+ years of international experience spanning the UK, Indonesia, India and Australia. Have worked in project management using Scrum framework as well as led project teams using Agile process. Have deep development/testing experience.
  • Key technologies: PHP, MySQL(LAMP), Javascript, AWS, Server Setup, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Ecommerce, and Social Media.
  • Have masters and bachelor’s degrees in computers as well as an MBA. Strong team player and fluent in English.


Scrum Master:

  • Achieved Scrum Master certification (certified in 2013)
  • Established Scrum processes in 10+ person teams spread across multiple projects and
    introduced concepts such as Scrum ceremonies (example, daily standup and sprint planning)
  • Established Problem Solving meeting cadence; did intensive problem solving with project managers across multiple countries to identify bottlenecks & determine solutions
  • Followed upon on product backlogs to ensure key milestones are met
  • Leveraged Jira to manage and track project flows and ensure delivery


  • 5+ years of following Agile methodology
  • Led teams of ~3 people across different companies
  • Planned the project development, testing, analysis, implementation per Agile methodology
  • Did overall program flow using UML diagrams
  • Coached the team on the Agile process
  • Did intensive client communication to deliver the product
  • Created Jira tasks for the team and analysed the kanban board for task tracking


  • Scrum Tools: Jira
  • Programming languages: PHP (OOPS)
  • Testing Frameworks: PHPUnit, Postman for REST/SOAP APIs
  • Frontend: HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, CSS, Photoshop CC
  • CMS: Word Press, Joomla, Drupal, PHPBB, Social engine
  • Web Servers: Linux, AWS (EC2, S3, SQS), Apache
  • Code Version: Git (SmartGit), SVN (Tortoise/Command Line)
  • Software Testing: Automation testing, Black box & white box testing, test cases, test plan