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Ekipa offers QA testing services for any of your enterprise-level assets. Partner with us and experience solid support with our software quality assurance solutions.

Comprehensive QA Testing Services

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Ekipa’s Software Quality Assurance Solutions:

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  • Test consultation services
  • Automation Testing services
  • Standardized QA services
  • Specialized QA services
Significance of Agile in Our QA Testing Services

Ekipa’s software quality assurance methodologies are Agile-based and are introduced to your project at the earliest. This way it helps us and the stakeholders to foresee issues, write and execute test cases, and uncover any gaps in requirements without encountering delays. We segment all client projects into iterative stages so that our QA testing services engineers have a better focus on the development process. It enables them to provide rapid, and continuous feedback.

By letting ourselves be well informed, we understand the expected scope of work with transparency as the ground rule. Ekipa believes in the experimental and exploratory nature of agile development to gradually evolve your project scope. The effective and proactive sync we achieve actively engages us to deliver client projects at the established schedule.

We enable your assets to be highly functional and secure with our QA testing services while toning down your overheads to deliver innovative applications.

Ekipa can be your committed software quality assurance partner to bring out the true potential of your organizational assets
Workflow of Our QA Testing Services

Requirement Analysis

Our software quality assurance professionals deeply analyze all the software requirements to ensure its clarity and testing feasibility.



Test Planning

A testing strategy and its scope are devised using the knowledge gained from the requirements analysis phase as groundwork.



Test design

Selected test cases or checklists are then designed by our software quality assurance experts to determine the positive or negative effects of the requirements.



Test Execution and Defect Reporting

The development team does the unit tests to make sure the basic building blocks of the software works as expected. After that, the QA testing services team performs manual and automation testing whether the software conforms with the requirements. Whenever the software fails to conform with the requirements it will be recorded as defects in the defect tracking tool.



Retesting and Regression Testing

Upon fixing the identified defects, software quality assurance personnel retest the software’s functionality in question. It is then followed by the regression testing process to make sure the bug fixes haven’t affected the software’s functionality to that of the specified requirements.



Release Testing

A complete version of the system incorporated with all the final changes is tested to ensure its stability. It aims to make the software free of errors and bugs which upon successful test clearance will be released to users.

A QA testing services provider who follows methodical processes helps organizations to power up flawless software.  
Our QA Testing Services Serves the Following Verticals:
  • Retail
  • Financial
  • Media
  • Government
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Consulting
  • Telecom
Platform/Application Expertise of Our QA Testing Services:
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Web
  • Wearable tech
  • Smart home
A specialist software quality assurance company will have a broad spectrum of expertise to elevate your software’s capabilities.
How Can Our Software Quality Assurance Solutions Help You?
  • Our QA testing services will make your products efficient thereby improving your business credibility and customer satisfaction.
  • You can drive more focus towards your core business functions while we act as your QA partner throughout.
  • Agile methodologies will enable you to experience savings in terms of cost, time, and other resources due to early fault detection.
  • Deployment of advanced and continuous software quality assurance processes to eliminate recurrent defects ultimately heightening quality standards.
  • A self-organized, cross-functional team always works to meet your specific requirements with effective communication and collaboration across departments.
Choose Us for Responsible QA Testing Services

Partnering with Ekipa is ideal for you as we incorporate both manual and automated testing mechanisms to deliver maximum efficiency. We blend progressive technologies and methodologies to catch up with modern domain developments and to make your software a sound one.

Collaborate with Indonesia’s dedicated software quality assurance expert to make your software meet all expectations.