Indonesia Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner Series. ISM & ISPO by Ekipa.

Most Futureproof Certification in VUCA

There is practically no certainty in running a business
or managing a project since the world is always changing.

But you can always be prepared for that.

Why Do You Need These Series?

Agile Product
Development Team

When you need the Product Development Team, taking these certifications will help them grow.

Faster & More Accurate Product

In order to make your product delivery faster and more accurate, you need a team that has Agile Fundamental knowledge.


When everything's come at once, you will need a self-organized team that will help you take decision and execute things.


Learn from Experienced Agile Coaches


Highly Competent Scrum Master and Very Capable Agile Coach with the history working of manufacturing industry. He contribute to build agile ecosystem in Indonesia through the agile book that he has written.


Muhamad Fadlansyah

Experienced Agile Coach with education background in Information and Technology. His experience as software developer hone the understanding of agile.

ardiansyah muchtar

Ardiansyah Muchtar

Experienced agile coach who passionately in Human Resource and Information & Technology.

He is a hybrid person who combine HR & IT approach and perspective.

Zen Aufa

Experienced Scrum Master with a demonstrated history of working in the Startup, Corporate, and Consulting Company with knowledge of e-commerce and fintech industry.

foto angga pratama

Angga Pratama

More than 15 years experienced by building cross-function teams when his time as Head of IT Integration, using Scrum framework and improving the maturity of the team by focusing on people & team coaching, facilitating and mentoring.

M. Fariz Sinaga

Experienced Senior Agile Consultant with more than 14 years experience and obtained 230+ professional certifications and designations which 118 are agile-based and 24 are analytical based.

What You'll Learn

Indonesia Scrum Master (ISM) Series

Agile Mindset & Manifesto

Basic Scrum Framework

Scrum Event
and Artifacts


The Road to Enterprise Agile

Deeper Knowledge
of Scrum

How to Scale Scrum Beyond Team

The Road to Becoming an Agile Coach

Indonesia Scrum Product Owner (ISPO) Series

Agile Product Development

Product Owner Roles

Scrum Fundamentals

Communication w/ Stakeholders

Developing Business Models

Strategic Product Management

Product Vision, and Roadmap

Launching Strong Products


Scrum Master Certified


Product Owner Certified

Indonesia Scrum Master (ISM) Series

In this series, you will learn how to be a reliable and capable Scrum Master in Developing Team.

You will also learn more about Agile Mindset, Basic Scrum Framework, How to Scale Scrum Beyond Team, The Road to Become an Agile Coach and many more.

Take the ISM Series and develop Self-organized Agile Product Development Team now!

Indonesia Scrum Product Owner (ISPO) Series

In this series, you will learn how to be a visioner and capable Product Owner in Developing Products.

You will also learn more about Agile Product Development, Scrum Fundamentals, Communication with Stakeholders, Launching Strong Products and many more.

Take the ISPO Series and deliver faster and more accurate product now!

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