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Integrated Architecture Solutions for Performance, Security, and Scalability

Ekipa provides competitive architecture solutions and DotNet core microservices that devise your business with influential growth in the ambitious market atmosphere.

Resourceful Architecture Solutions from Ekipa for a New Business Direction

Ekipa’s architecture solutions at its core serve as solutions to specific client issues by expanding it as a technical business need. It effectively takes care of your troubling enterprise concerns on a long-term basis with proper implementation and delivery. 

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The Compelling Benefits of Architecture Solutions
  • Architecture solutions are always aligned with the latest technology stack and current market trends. It helps them decide and pitch an ideal project for a company to achieve sustainable growth and team comfort.
  • Help realize stakeholder needs and goals using the best practices within a short amount of time.
  • Ensures the overall solution aligns with the business objective and is on track with the launching schedule.
  • Architecture solutions are performance-oriented, cost-effective, and increase ROIs with measurable metrics that determine a project’s success.
  • The best possible solutions according to the latest trends are put forward for maximum market opportunities.
  • Architecture solutions generally have fixed charges and resources that contain no hidden charges. So, businesses are never met with any surprise costs in any way.
  • Longer project timelines usually have unexpected costs but ensure efficient project completion, no matter what.
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Futuristic DotNet Core Microservices for Your Company

On the other hand, DotNet core microservices have a promising future since organizations are deeply inclined in implementing new system setups or in transforming monolithic applications with its help. They are known to expedite software development processes by splitting an application into an assortment of independent services. They function individually as well as by depending on each other. This methodology develops these smaller services that are capable of executing their processes.


What Is DotNet Core Microservices?

DotNet core microservices are planned designs in which applications are made out of little, autonomous modules that speak with one another utilizing well-defined contracts. Every microservice is centered around a single concept/idea.

DotNet core incorporates APIs to effortlessly utilize microservices from any application you develop, including mobile, desktop, games, web, and more.


Why DotNet Core Microservices?

DotNet core microservices make it simpler to create, test, and deploy individual service pieces of your application. Upon deployment, every microservice module can be freely scaled as per requirement.


DotNet Core Microservices and Docker Containers

Docker containers consolidate an application in addition to its configurations and conditions into a single, freely deployable unit. Containers are a fantastic fit for packaging and deploying free DotNet core microservices.

The support of an adept DotNet core microservices provider boosts your service functionality scope.
Why Choose Ekipa as Your Architecture Solutions Strategist?

Ekipa provides the strong groundwork for your business-specific IT landscape with its architecture solutions tailored to the highest order. It can proactively address all your needs with an effective definition for your functional requirements and implementation phases. Our diverse subprocesses and DotNet core microservices can redesign your IT landscape to one that ensures huge success and benefits to your projects.

Architecture solutions that improve your existing systems or recommend new and efficient ones for augmented business potential.