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Agile Coach

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About Anuraj S.L

Anuraj is a passionate Software Testing Professional who is fully merged into the world of Agile and DevOps platform in his 8+ years of IT industry career. Anuraj works as a senior Scrum Master or Agile Coach, and can also focus on coaching teams transitioning to DevOps and software test automation.

He is a great problem solver with experience and expertise in Quality Software Engineering, program management and of succeeding at organizational agility. He has been an integral part of development teams and also served as a scrum coach/ master in various distributed teams.

He played a key role in ensuring broad agile methodology adoption, enhanced delivery quality, speed to market and increased customer satisfaction.With the understanding that the success of any transformation is deeply rooted in collaboration and a discovery mindset, he believes all transformational investments should be with a focus on ways to enable and empower people. He used to regularly engage with Transformation Consultants and Agile Thought Leaders to ensure that his work is based on current best practice.


    Talented and accomplished Test Management professional with an extensive background in quality assurance, team building and project management.
    Design, build, test, and deploy effective test automation solutions.
    Test Management | Test Planning | Testing | Test Strategy | User Acceptance Testing | Regression Testing | System Testing | Manual Testing | Test Automation | Test Cases | Agile (Scrum / Kanban / Lean) | Lead / Manage distributed agile teams | Risk / Change Management | Release management | Process Governance | DevOps |
    Coaching, Contributor / Team Player | Planning & Forecasting | Decision Making Skills Managing & Developing Teams | Conflict Management