Agile Habits Course & Challenge

Bring Your Ideas to live
Build Impactful Businesses

Agile habits are a must to embrace in this ‘innovate or die’ era. Master the concept of agile habits and implement it in the 7-Day Agile Habits challenge with actionable steps. You will be ready to live your ideas and build impactful projects or businesses.

Agile Habits Modules


Embrace entrepreneurial and agile mindset. Change the way you look at the world to start innovation and make the best impact for the world.

Starting Up

Ideas just are ideas without action. Get started with your ideas, move your ideas, and gain momentum!

Agile Habits Framework

Get easy to master agile habits with a series of frameworks

7 Day Challenge

We’ll walk you through the 7-Day challenge to implement all the concepts of the agile habit

The Author. Agile Entrepreneur.

Hugo Messer

Hugo Messer has been building companies since a young age. He’s always believed in the power of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is about energy, initiative, ‘screw it let’s do it’. Hugo is passionate about transformation, both on a personal and a company level.

Since he moved to Indonesia in 2016, he started helping Indonesian enterprises to foster the entrepreneurial ‘spark’.

This Course is for You, if...

You want an
entrepreneurial challenge

You have that
"itch" to start something

You want to get inspired to start your entrepreneurial journey

You see so many broken things & wonder to get how to get them fixed

There is an opportunity and you wonder how to do it

You are an entrepreneur and innovator who is willing to make a change

How Does 7-Day Challenge Work?

Once you enroll in the course, you can join the 7-Day Agile Habit challenge. 

During the 7-Day challenge, our Founder, Hugo Messer will personally guide you step by step to build a new habit that helps you easily generate the ideas and move the ideas into a great success. 

Each day in the 7-Day challenge, you will receive an email about the kind of challenge that you need to do on that day. Share how you enjoy the challenge on your social media. 


This course is different. You will not just sit, watch, and listen to the material. But, you need to move from your laptop and go into action.

Just do it! Before you do the challenge, you still need to watch the video to understand the concept and context.

1st Day Challenge.

Get You from "Stuck"
to "Screw it, lets do it!"

Entrepreneurship is about rolling up your sleeves, start moving and then never stop.

2nd Day Challenge.

We are going to
the Next Level!

Practicing growth mindset should become a HABIT

3rd Day Challenge.

Let's work on
Getting Started!

The only thing that counts is you show the world you’re getting up to speed + you welcome feedback.

4th Day Challenge.

Get going with Collaboration!

Let’s get closer to your goal with collaboration.

5th Day Challenge.

Into the Innovation Plan!

Now, let’s lay the foundation for your innovation plan.

6th Day Challenge.

Let's create the MVP!

MVP is the minimum you need for your prospective buyers to give you insights.

Let’s just do it!

7th Day Challenge.

We're going to get you Uncomfortable!

Let’s get out of the building.

I am Interested, How Much Should I Pay?

This course bundled with the 7-Day challenge is cheaper than your cup of coffee in a week!

Rp 250.000