Agile for HR Training

Why Your Company Should
be Prepared for 2023

This is What Happened.

Because of rapid changes, Post-COVID19, and startup disrupting.
many companies tried to become more like startups and try to reinvent themselves in order to create the future and to deal with current circumstances.

Why Agile?

We’re a strong believer of Agile as a vehicle to make this all happen.

For you, an HR person, you might be thinking about productivity and you might also be thinking about ‘in this new era, how do I make sure that my people are still growing and learning and contributing to the organization?’.

To us, Agile has all the answers to this.

What is Agile?

Agile usually starts as a way to manage products or projects in a better way.
To deliver products to market faster, to make sure the quality better, that’s the starting point.

As you start playing with Agile, you start realizing that it’s all about Agile mindset, or about behaviour of people, or Agile culture that supports this product development.

Agile Ingredients

For wrap things up, Agile has 3 main ingredients


Agile Entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship

Balanced Working Place


First of all is about Self-organization

Meaning we need to change the way we lead, we need to make sure that we empower people, and it’s also mean that people need to take accountability.

Agile Entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship

The second one is Agile Entrepreneurship or Intrapreneurship, so we wanna stimulate people to act like a startup founder to spot opportunities to see things that are broken and then start fixing it.

The more people become entrepreneur, the more your company be able to spot opportunities in the market.

So this is the area where HR has a lot of work to do to change people’s perspective to become more entrepreneurial.

Balanced Working Place

The last one, a Balanced Working Place.
It’s enabling people to work anywhere anytime, wherever they want.

It’s basically a two side of a coin, we give them freedom to control their own time, and in the other side they have to take full accountability for their work, for the outcomes that they promise to the organization.

As an HR, we need to think of how do we create this mindset and how do we create the supporting system to enable this freedom with accountability.

Create the
Supporting System

We, Ekipa is willing to help you create the Supporting System.
Ekipa is Indonesia’s end-to-end Agile and Innovation Consultancy.

We exist to help Indonesian companies and organisations to become more Agile, leading to better business outcomes for them and also help them to Innovate and bring out more entrepreneurial people

The Outcomes

As we help your company, we want your company to reach the following things:



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