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Agile Circles

Indonesia’s largest community of agilists

Since 2016, Agile Circles has hosted (bi-) weekly meetups. With over 5000 members, we always have new perspectives. The goal of our community is to spark Agile: to inspire and bring practical experiences to help you grow.

Each meetup has a speaker with expertise in Agile. Topics:

  • agile practices (e.g. scrum, kanban, scaling)
  • agile leadership (e.g. structure, empowerment, servant leadership) 
  • agile habits (e.g. feedback, decision making, transparency)
  • devops and agile engineering

To see the upcoming and past events, check out our Agile circles page

The corporate Startup

The circle of innovation for enterprises

An extension of our agile community, we created a ‘circle of innovators’. The goal of the corporate startup events is to spark entrepreneurship and innovation. We do this by sharing wisdom and experience + by bringing startups and corporates together to co-create innovation.

Each meetup brings experiences from entrepreneurs and innovators. Topics:

  • Innovation practices (e.g. Design thinking, Lean startup)
  • Innovation and digital transformation programs
  • Accelerators, incubators and startup competitions
  • Corporate venture building
  • Startup stories & matchmaking with startups, ideas, teams

To see the upcoming and past events, check out our Agile Circles Page (corporate startup events are marked gold or orange)