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Day 1

  • Introduction to User Experience
    • Activity : Metaphors
  • The People Side of UX
    • Activity : Usability Testing
    • Activity : Customer, Employee, Stakeholder
  • Framing Your Design Strategy
    • Activity : Journey Mapping
    • Activity : Brainstorming
    • Activity : Measuring for Design Decisions
  • Rapid Prototyping and Testing
    • Activity : Paper Prototyping
    • Activity : Usability Testing

Day 2

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping
    • Activity : Crafting Customer Journey Map
  • UI Design
  • Navigation Models / Design Patterns (Mobile vs Web)
  • Introduction to Digital Prototype Tools
    • Activity : Digital Prototyping


  • Designers
  • Product Owners


  • Understanding of good UX/UI practices
  • Knowledge on building valuable products for users
  • Experience using different UI/UX tools and frameworks