“All corporations are good at managing innovation but only a handful are good at managing breakthrough innovation”

– Dan Toma

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13-14 Nov 2019

Haris Hotel Tebet - Jakarta

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Helping Corporates Build Innovative Ecosystems in Indonesia

Big enterprises will need to adapt to the fast changes in technology, consumer behavior and competitive environment.  To survive and thrive as a successful enterprise in the 21st century we have to innovate – or we will be left behind.

Creating an innovation ecosystem can become crucial for your overall success.

In the last ten years, we have seen (technology) startups disrupting and changing entire industries forever.

Gojek and Traveloka changed the way we travel. Tokopedia changed the way we buy. Various fintechs are changing our relationships with money. What are those companies doing right ? How are they encouraging participation within their teams ? How do they foster growth and new ideas ? What do they do to become innovative ?

At Ekipa, we have worked with many organisations to make the transition from a traditional company to a thorough innovative enterprise with an agile mindset.

We understand that enterprises need to follow a  transformation process to transform their organisation into innovative engines without putting the company’s core business in jeopardy.

The process is described in the playbook, “The Corporate Startup”, by Dan Toma, which explains the Lean Startup methodology and more to create a culture of innovation.

Based on the methodology of the “Corporate Startup”, we would like to invite you to our community meetup for intrapreneurs, business leaders and tech teams.

In this monthly gathering, we discuss the lean startup methodology and how to adapt an agile mindset.  We support each other in our transformation and growth into a truly innovative and competitive company.

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