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Scaling up is a challenge for many organizations. There is a big ecosystem around ‘startups’, but few companies are able to scale up. This program is applicable for product departments within an enterprise as well as companies beyond the initial startup phase.

The scale up method (formerly ‘rockefeller habits’) has been developed by Verne Harnish. The central tool in the method is the one page strategic plan. In this one day training, we will go through the framework and deep dive into the one page strategy plan. After completing the one day training, your company or department will have a blueprint for growing your product or organization.

  • The scaling up method
  • People, Cash, Strategy, Execution
  • Your core ideology: vision, purpose, bhag
  • Defining core competencies
  • Crafting an irresistible brand promise
  • Year and quarterly focus and themes
  • Creating an agile meeting rhythm: yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily
  • Kpi’s driving growth
  • Defining organizational priorities
  • Keeping everyone accountable for the top 2-5 priorities


  • Leadership
  • Managers
  • Executives


  • Understanding of the scaling up method
  • Draft one page strategic plan
  • Clarity on how to implement the model in the organization