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What Innovation Coaching Does?

With Innovation Coaching, we will deploy our venture growth team that has seasoned entrepreneurs and coaches to help you scale ‘the agile way’. Scaling is about clear direction, strong prioritization and relentless execution.

We use our experience, along with the proven ‘scaling up’ framework to help you achieve growth.

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Roadmap Planning
Session [Free]

In this 2 hour workshop, we help you create clarity on the building blocks for scaling. We look at 4 decisions you must make: 

  • People
  • Strategy
  • Execution 
  • Cash


Once the challenges are clear, we co-create a program to help you tackle them.

Scaling Up Training

To get your leadership team on the same page, we have developed a special scaling up program. 

Consisting of 2 hour micro learning sessions (so your busy leaders have the time), we kick start your scaling program. 

One Page Strategic
Plan + OKR

The starting point for clarity is the one page strategic plan.

This helps clarify the long term (values, mission, vision) and define what needs to be achieved in the next 3 year + the next 12 months.

We then translate that in 90 day OKRs with your team(s).

Scaling Up program

Based on the roadmap + the one page strategic plan, our coaches help your (leadership) team execute the plan.

We bring the agile mindset and way of working to your team. In sprints, our coach keeps people accountable, achieving the outcomes we agreed upon.

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