Ranco Kraaijenbrink, MBA
Agile Coach

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About Ranco Kraaijenbrink

WHAT I DO: I accelerate business leaders to transform their business in a digital age to achieve rapid growth with minimal personal effort!

MY MISSION: is to provide Agile Transformation Leadership program and to offer mentorship with an objective to develop high impact business for Indonesia.

HOW I DO IT: I designed Agile Transformation Leadership program with 1 track, 3 tools and 5 principles based on academically proven methods. The training directs the right mindset to save time, reduces effort and decreases the risk of business failure in the digital age.

WHY IT WORKS: Agile Transformation Leadership program creates high impact business through an innovation strategy, identify the vital drivers of the business, and execute goals on a consistent and sustainable basis. These steps initiate the right Agile mindset within the organization to speed-up change and generate quick results with a small investment.

MY BACKGROUND: I am an Agile Transformation coach, with a MBA in strategic marketing and a Bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship. In the Netherlands, for more than 10 years, I had taken on various commercial assignments executed with great results for Multinationals like Laurus Retail (800 supermarkets), DHL logistics and Staples Office supplies. My achievements reflected in introductions of new processes, tools and strategies for companies who are in transition. In this transformation process I created major profits with multiplier effect in sales increase, cost reduction, growth in market share and a better value propositioning of various portfolios.

WHO I WORKED WITH: In Asia, I provide seminars, workshops, training and lectures for different companies, governments and universities in Indonesia. My clients portfolio consists of among others BWS Bank, Infomedia Telkomsel , DISHUP Kota Bandung, SBM ITB Bandung and Jakarta, and Satya Wacana Christian University, Salatiga.