Our Former Collagues

Zen Aufa

Scrum Master at Health Tech Company

“One of the best place to work while continuously improve yourself”

I’ve worked in Ekipa as an Agile Coach for total of 2 years, and even before that I’ve collaborated with Ekipa to nurture agile community in Indonesia with movement like Agile Impact Conference, Agile Circles Community, and others.

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Ika Siregar

Project Manager at BFI Finance

“a good different culture” 

I am very happy to have experience working at Ekipa Agile Consultancy.  It teaches me a good-different culture in the world of work, such as the world of openness, transparency and be your own boss.  Of course all the experiences and lessons that I got here helped me to be better, not only in terms of agility but in the world of working in general, like how to manage ourselves and be open with our environment. 

Felicia Jovanka

Finance & Admin Internship

“I feel so appreciated and so grateful to be a part of Ekipa. ”

For the past 3 months, I’ve been enrolled as a Finance and Admin Intern at Ekipa Agile Consultancy. What I was feeling at first is of course nervousness, but the team take care of me and approach me so that I have a positive environment and comfortable doing my Job. I feel so blessed to be in the Business Support Tribe with the others. Being an Intern at Ekipa has taught me lots of things. I know I wouldn’t be able to grow my skills without any of their help. 

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