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Ekipa provides agile-based mobile app development solutions with its committed team and technologies. Approach us and experience suitable solutions that fit your portfolio.

Agile-Enhanced Mobile App Development

Settling on a mobile app development partner for seamless development, diverse domain experience, and solid support can be tough. Well, Ekipa is a mobile app development company whose innovation-driven, Agile workflows can make your tailor-made app dream a reality. We are a reliable name in both the regional and global front due to our proficient line-up and intricate technology use. Our teams are made up of highly accomplished personnel from India with excellent command across native, hybrid/cross-platform, progressive web apps, or even wearables and embedded software/mobile app development. Ekipa ensures your apps are built around your business vision and in line with the latest trends with a reduced go-to-market timeframe.

If you require apps that are of high-quality, then consider us as your business partner for effortlessly solving complex concerns. We enable digital transformation through apps built using Agile methodologies for you to have a future-ready advantage at competent pricing with the best you could ask for in mobile app development.

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Established assistance from a leading mobile app development company will help you craft hot-market mobile apps.
Mobile App Development Services We Provide:

iOS App Development Services

Builds impactful apps for all Apple devices that offer rich experience promoting the best user experience engagement



Android App Development Services

Develops reliable business apps with the right features and functionalities for solving unique business challenges.



Hybrid App Development Services

Creates scalable business apps with optimal performance that brings the best of both web and native applications.



Cross-Platform App Development Services

Crafts apps with rich features and wide compatibility across multiple platforms.

Reliable mobile app development solutions can build apps with high performance and excellent user experience. Are You Looking for one?
Why an Agile Mobile App Development Company?

Ekipa follows Agile mobile app development methodologies where iterative development is at its heart. Our ideal collaboration with self-organizing, cross-functional teams can constantly transform your requirements and solutions to its finest. We empower teams to convey benefits quicker, with acclaimed quality standards and certainty, and more prominent capability to acknowledge change.

As a mobile app development company, this incremental delivery promotes disciplined project management process to empower regular investigation and transformation, an initiative way of thinking that energizes cooperation, self-association and responsibility.

We make sure clients experience enriched solutions within their budget.

Choosing mobile app development solutions with a blend of agile methodology and advanced tech can truly empower your cause.
Verticals Our Mobile App Development Caters to:
  •       IT
  •       Finance
  •       Health & Fitness
  •       Medical
  •       Aviation & Airlines
  •       Gaming
  •       Education
  •       E-commerce
  •       Utility
  •       Travel & Tourism
  •       Retail
  •       Social Media
Our Mobile App Development Technology Capabilities
  •       iOS
  •       Objective-C
  •       Swift
  •       C/C++
  •       XCode
  •       AppCode
  •       iOS SDK
  •       CocoaPods
  •       RxSwift
  •       Android
  •       Java
  •       Kotlin
  •       C/C++
  •       NDK
  •       Android SDK
  •       Eclipse
  •       Android Studio
  •       Gradle
  •       Maven
  •       Firebase
  •       Dagger2
  •       JetPack
  •       Hybrid
  •       React Native
  •       Cordova
  •       JavaScript
  •       HTML
  •       jQuery
  •       jQuery Mobile
  •       Ionic
  •       PhoneGap
  •       Cross Platform
  •       C/C++
  •       C#
  •       Xamarin
  •       Xamarin.Forms
  •       React Native
  •       Flutter
  •       .NET
  •       XAML
  •       Visual Studio
  •       TypeScript
  •       NativeScript
  •       JavaScript
Looking for a capable mobile app development company as your partner to gain maximum market traction?
Our Mobile App Development Process

We as a mobile app development company offer a unique process that is practiced by our completely coordinated, versatile team.

  • Idea Research & Discovery
  • Business Analysis
  • Idea validation
  • UI Design/Prototyping
  • Development
  • Testing & QA
  • Deployment to App Store
  • Maintenance & Support
Why Ekipa as Your Partner Mobile App Development Company?
  • Line-up of global mobile app development professionals
  • Endorsed by a proficient mobile app development company
  • Backed by progressive technologies and seasoned experts
  • Personalized project models that fits your business requirements
  • Accelerated development and collaboration
  • Dedicated and accountable mobile app development

Ready for Digital Transformation?

Choosing us will help you experience stellar mobile app development that paves your way to successful digital transformation. We will equip you better to face the competition with more efficiency along with a strategic advantage.
So, partner up with Ekipa and experience unique mobile app development solutions that are favorable on your budget