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In this 1 day training, you will learn how to use customer feedback as input for your (development) team. Lean startup is a framework for launching new products. It is based on the thought that users should be engaged in product development at the earliest stages. Companies should not just build products they invent on their own, but should figure out what users need before they build anything. Companies should go through ‘build-measure-learn’ loops.

A widely used tool to map out business models for new products is the business model canvas. This helps companies figure out who their users are, what to focus on, how to get income, what partners to engage and much more. It gives a one page overview of the complete business model, used as part of your product roadmap.

In this training you’ll learn how to:

  • Use the lean startup framework
  • Create Minimum Viable Products to test your hypothesis
  • Create better business models using the business model canvas
  • Engage users often and early and get your team out of the building
  • Motivate your full team to talk to customers


  • Managers
  • Product owners
  • Business stakeholders


  • Understanding of lean startup
  • Knowledge of business model canvas
  • Using customer feedback to drive valuable products