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Leverage state-of-the-art UI UX design services that originate from an agile and dynamic digital process. Our solutions involve streamlined projects for effective collaboration that constantly strive for better results!

Boost User Experience With an Agile UI UX Company

Wondering how you can enhance the look and feel of your digital products and improve the overall user experience? You need a fresh set of creative eyes that give emphasis to a human-centric UI UX design approach in your development process. You need Ekipa! Our skilled consultants can not only create stunning designs, but also introduce industry-best agile methods to your teams through customized training, and level up your business performance. Gain a competitive edge with high-quality digital solutions from our expert team in India that comes equipped with a proven ability of impeccable service and custom offerings. 

Ekipa is a UI UX company with creative-minded designers who can turn elemental wireframes into stunning interfaces that are rich in design. Our end-to-end UI UX design services offer holistic evaluation of your product, contribute advice on product strategy, and conduct training & workshops to equip your business with the best UX practices. We can help you foster organizational growth and internal transformation by leveraging agile methodology and adopting a customer-centric approach for all your projects. With Ekipa, you not only get exceptional UI UX design services, but also a team of experts focused on the bigger picture of your business. A team that can help you discover unknown potentials and untapped opportunities

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UI UX Design Services We Provide

Leverage our scalable, agile, value-driven and innovation-led UI UX design services that are powered by a group of talented experts to deliver state-of-the-art digital experiences. 


UI UX Strategy and Design

Rely on our rich UI UX expertise to build a unique strategy that will make the most of your design aesthetics, application data, and stakeholder requirements.


Frontend Design

Our UI UX design services can assist you in designing stellar frontend interfaces that will enable users to get things done easily – in minimal steps.


CMS and Ecommerce Design

Our CMS and ecommerce designs are envisioned to deliver exceptional experiences that will enhance user engagement and the time spent on the applications.



We go beyond average UI UX design services to holistic branding solutions that will help you scale your business and strengthen your digital presence.

Get unique UI UX design services tailored to suit your multiple business objectives!
How Our UI UX Design Services Can Help

Enhance Engagement

Be it a business website, or a productivity app or even an enterprise-grade web application, the user experience should be strengthened with the power of design. We will take care of enhancing user engagement for all your projects.

Problem-Solving Designs

The main objective of our UI UX design services is to solve problems for users. We build user interfaces keeping in mind the user’s modus operandi and their individual perspectives to develop problem-solving designs. 

Offer Convenience

We strongly believe that effective design should be minimal, simple and demand little effort from the user to engage. It should be convenient for the user and should eliminate unnecessary steps to complete an action. 

Promote Innovation

Our talented designers tackle a problem statement with a unique innovative approach and bring out radical out-of-the-box solutions for seemingly impossible challenges. Rest assured, our UI UX design services will help you foster innovation by simplifying challenges. 

Help You Stand-Out

A good design distinguishes you from the competition. We will help you build unique designs for all digital solutions that will outperform competition and grab the attention of your customers. Our designs will help you gain that competitive edge. 

Deliver Experiences

We are a UI UX company that stresses on the relevance of creating design elements and interfaces that can elevate the entire user experience. We deliver user-friendly, creative and innovative designs with a mix of advanced technologies like AR and VR.

Establish a unique business identity with our dynamic UI UX design services!
Our Approach to UI UX Design Services

Research & Strategy

An in-depth analysis of your business objectives is conducted along with competition mapping to create a strategic blueprint and determine the visual goals for the final product. 



Wireframe & Prototyping

An elaborate roadmap is designed showcasing the positioning of each design element in great detail. The extensive prototype shows the exact flow of structure. 



Visual Design

We implement a UI UX design strategy in our prototypes that focus on the perspectives of the user, is visually pleasing and highly interactive in nature.



UI Development

We integrate your brand vision into the design architecture while considering the functionality, usability and the interactive quotient of the product interface. 



Usability Testing

We ensure writing clean codes to build user-focussed and value-driven UI UX design services that promote user interaction and increase ROI for our clients.

Leverage intuitive, elegant and human-centric UI UX design services that delight users!
Our UI UX Design Technology Capabilities


  • AngularJS
  • Vue JS
  • React JS
  • JQuery
  • HTML
  • GSAP
  • ScrollMagic


CMS and Ecommerce

  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • NopeCommerce


  • Balsamiq
  • Invision
  • Axure


Visual Design

  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
Hire a UI/UX Company with Rich Industry Expertise!

We are a reliable UI UX company in Indonesia that is dedicated to delivering a holistic design experience that makes the best impression on the people using an application. The design team at Ekipa comprises functionality experts, highly experienced UX UI designers and leverages the latest tools and technologies to build high-performing digital solutions.

Hire our experts to get visually appealing design services from a skilled pool of designers.