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Agile Custom Software Development Company in Indonesia

Ekipa offers custom software development services that have been built on a deep understanding of business needs, technology expertise, market trends, and industry best agile methodologies.

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Core Custom Software Development Services We Provide
Want to know how an agile custom software development company can scale your business?
Why Choose Ekipa as Your Custom Software Development Company?

At Ekipa, we see Agile as the art of incremental and iterative custom software development. It is an approach to give your business more freedom to grow as your project evolves through a collaborative effort between your team and ours. Our methodology gives emphasis to iterative delivery of quality software, quick and rational response to change, and utilizing feedback to improve the user experience.

As a reliable custom software development company, we guarantee our commitment to flawless project executions and customer empowerment. This way we ensure that you can accelerate your project roadmap while attaining a lasting increase to your complete organizational agility.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Us!

Our distinct agile custom software development services framework gives you the flexibility to quickly adjust to changes in requirements, features, budgets, or timeline; and enables us to increase our team’s efficiency by focusing on the development of just a few features at a time.

As an experienced custom software development company proficient in Agile methodology, we develop and deliver a new feature every couple of weeks – so you can release the application in weeks, not months, and see an ROI quicker than you could have expected. Here’s how we work:

Through our frequent Sprint planning meetings, we analyze the requirements like data structure, business logic, and integrations and prioritize them based on ROI.

We make sure that the product backlog is fully fleshed out and prioritized so that there is no need to make a rough estimate based on any guesswork.

Our custom software development team initiates the process with the main focus on building fully QA-tested, releasable codes for the features decided during the Sprint planning.

Through our Sprint demo meetings, our engineers personally demonstrate and describe the code; but since the coding is done in collaboration with your team, the knowledge transfer comes built-in.

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What Makes Our Custom Software Development Services Different?

Our Agile development approach enables us to engage in any phase of your business development. From product conception, platform evaluation, performance optimization, and planning for the future, our expert team can develop high-quality custom software solutions that meet your business objectives cost-effectively and faster.

Expert coding is crucial. However, you cannot just build it and forget it. As a reliable custom software development company, we balance our new feature development process with efficiently managing and protecting technical debt.

We are constantly evolving over our old database of reusable code boilerplates and DevOps tools that are pre-built, automated testing and deployment tools, for all our partners to benefit from.

Our team utilization processes allow us to be hyper-flexible with our custom software development services. So we can ramp up more team members when you need them and dial back the number when you don’t.

We’re experts in custom software development – meaning we understand all about the fulfillment of the unique needs of our clients. From security protocols to regulation compliances, we know how to accommodate these needs through our custom software development services.

Bring Your Business Vision to Life with a Competent Software Development Company

As a pioneer in the implementation of the modern software culture, Ekipa is a team of skilled software developers who excel at applying the Agile methodology in our development work. Not only do we deliver high-quality custom software development services, but we also help our clients adopt advanced software development frameworks and practices.

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