These were the challenges that we overcame together

by COVID19

Under financial pressure due to oil price fall during COVID19

Global Transformation

A multinational Oil and Gas Company that had practiced Lean and Continuous Improvement for 5 years and wants to Globally moving into Agile


The key outcomes from the process


Solutions that we implemented together

Agile Leadership Implementation

Developed and conducted an Agile Leadership assessment for Upstream team leaders


Instead of using physical Scrum and Kanban boards, coaches and teams are trained to use MS Whiteboard, MS Planner, Azure Devops Boards, Mural, and Ideaboardz.

WFH System Integration

Together with internal coaches, co-creators of the new WFH approach established the WFH strategy for Modernization and Transformation Unit.

Workshop Facilitation

Facilitated workshops on Agile Manifesto and Agile Conflict Resolution for on-site security for Australian and Indonesian teams.

More Case Studies

We are moving website domains soon and look forward to sharing a brand new experience with you are Ekipa.co

We are moving our website domain soon and look forward to share a brand new experience with you at ekipa.co

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