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Eligibility Criteria for applying for Indonesian Scrum Master (ISM) Certification Level II:

  • Have an active ISM Certification level I
  • Minimum 2 years work experience as a part of a Scrum team (please detail out your experience and role in the application form in the relevant section)
  • Have earned 50 Indonesia Scrum Units (ISUs) in the past 2 years including ISUs earned from the ISM certification (For ISM-I training & certification you will get 5 ISUs, For only certification you will get 2 ISUs)

What are the different ways to earn ISUs?

Participation in Agile Circle Events

You can submit maximum 20 ISUs for participating in the following events:

  • Practitioner Circle
  • Meetups
  • Trainings organized by Ekipa

Every hour of participation earns you 1 ISU.

By Organizing / Training in an Ekipa Led Event

You can submit a maximum of 25 ISUs for the following:

  • Organizing an Agile Circle meetups/practitioner circles for minimum 6 months (every month accounts for 2 ISUs)
  • Being a co-trainer/speaker/coach in an Agile Circle event or Ekipa led training (each event accounts for 2 ISUs)
  • Being the sole/co-organizer of Agile Circle conference/other such event (each event accounts for 4 ISUs)

Knowledge Contribution

You can submit a maximum of 25 ISUs for the following:

  • Writing an article (minimum 500 words) for Agile Circles Blog (each article accounts for 4 ISUs)
  • Writing a book on Agile (each book accounts for 25 ISUs)
  • Created a video on Agile and uploaded on Agile Circles (minimum duration: 5 minutes. Every 5 minutes of the video earns 1 ISU. Total ISU earned to be rounded down to the nearest whole number, example, a 7-minute video, would earn 1 ISU, a 14-minute video would earn 2 ISUs)
  • Translating Agile Circle material from English to Bahasa Indonesia (every 1000 words of translation earns you 1 ISU)


You can submit a maximum of 15 ISUs for the following:

  • Volunteering in an Agile Circle conference/event which requires volunteering (each eligible hour earns you 1 ISU – upto maximum 8 ISUs/day)
  • Attending a webinar led by Agile Circles (upto maximum 2 ISUs in total, 1 per webinar)

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