Handling Market Needs with Agile Methodology

An example conversation about handling market needs:

“We just look at the market, and we have to make some good application.“

“Such as?”

“Application to control your carb and fat! Can you imagine? Here 10.000 dollars for you, all must be done by next month!”

Almost everyone uses mobile devices now, from toddlers to seniors. There’s a huge market for mobile apps. The scenario above is one of example what the market needs and needed to be made as an application. Some examples might need to be explained more as a feature that will be built. In the Agile development process, we need to write user stories based on what user wants. A user story describes how a market employs the product; it is told from the user’s perspective.

Don’t forget, that the market changes easily based on what people need. There are a lot of ideas on market, and they don’t hesitate to give that idea as soon as possible. Should we hesitate to listen? Of course not. Gather their ideas and tell the product owner/dev team to make new/updated stories.

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Remember, Handling Market Needs with The Specified User

The market has an epic user story. It’s good, so we can start from an epic. And after stating the epic user story—you can break that into some specified user stories. For an example epic user story; Application to control your carb and fat. The specified user stories contain;

  • As a user, I need to track my carbs
  • User needs to track the amount of nutrition in my breakfast/lunch
  • As a user, I need to understand how to prevent diabetes

From these specific user stories, developers can build their applications based on those user stories. And don’t forget to add acceptance criteria. They allow you to describe the conditions that must be fulfilled so that the story is done. The criteria enrich the story, they make it testable, and they ensure that the story can be demoed or released to the users and other stakeholders.

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How Agile Methodology Works

Okay, we talk a lot about Agile, is this the best method/methodology to deliver faster? How about another method/methodology?

You may use another better and more suitable method/methodology (whatever the name), but the point of what is explained here is why we deliver faster. Agile told us to deliver faster in small iterations instead of launching all of them in a bulk and complete application which is a higher risk of the application will not being used by the user.

When it’s done, is the application can be sold? Is it meet what the market needs? Are you sure the application will be used by them? Come think again.

Sometimes in handling market needs, we don’t have any view is the application will be used or needed by the market. Then with Agile, which is delivered faster, we can test the market with the application. We can get feedback on what needs to be done, removed, replaced, and added.

There are a lot of tools that can be used to analyze which is the most area of application reached by the user. The tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar, etc can be used to analyze market movement and you can see if the link put on the application reached by the user? How do you place the button so people do not need to be told, “Hello there, this is the button”, this is the art of communication between your application and the users? The application needs to tell the user without saying a lot of things, especially on mobile devices which is the viewport is limited.

Deliver it faster to the market/user/client to get the feedback then you know what needs to be done.

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So yes, Agile can help a lot. At least to make sure we use our time well when making an application that suits what market needs. Use other tools to help our applications be useful also, and collaborate with agile methodology to make some useful but also impactful applications.

Good luck!

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