Enterprise Agility

“The pace and ability at which an organization is able to effectively innovate will be the determining factor of competitiveness in the future. The future is now.”
 Kaihan Krippendorff

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13-14 Nov 2019

Haris Hotel Tebet - Jakarta

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Enterprise Agility is the ability of an organization to consistently deliver value to customers in a constantly changing market. It is the ability to hear the customer voice, forecast the market, and quickly deliver a product that the customer values over the competition.

Many enterprises start agile or digital transformations to achieve Enterprise Agility and remain competitive. An agile transformation is a mindset change for the individual, team, and organization. Agile practices can be applied to broader business aspects such as Marketing, Human Resources, Legal, Finance, etc.

Creating more innovative, cross-functional, and multidisciplinary teams that generate growth and increased skill-sets has became priority across the entire organization. Taking an agile approach can increase self-organization, employee engagement among business teams, break organizational silos and improve communication also collaboration. Ekipa helps enterprises on this path to entrepreneurship and agility.

How Ekipa Can Help

‘Enterprise Agility Program’ includes 2 days program and the participants will be engaged in pre- and post-workshop interventions, to create a sustainable behavioral transformation.

We will use a combination of workshop-modules, agile maturity assessment and coaching-interactions. Each interaction builds on the one before and is aligned with company-specific expectations. Through this approach every participant can maximize the learning and apply practical techniques to be utilized in their organization.

For complete syllabus, please contact: info@ekipa.co