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DevOps Solutions: Communication, Collaboration & Productivity

Streamline your operations and workloads by minimizing costs, increasing efficiency, and accelerating the release management cycle with Ekipa's comprehensive DevOps solutions and consulting services.

Accelerate Innovations With Ekipa’s DevOps Solutions

Ekipa’s DevOps solutions adopt an approach that emphasizes collaboration, communication, and integration through lean and agile principles across the software development lifecycle. This facilitates a streamlined work culture and operations that promote software innovation and foster a responsive feedback mechanism. Moreover, our DevOps implementation services enable software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to work together with end-to-end responsibility from concept through production. It breaks down the self-serving, siloed functions of the teams and promotes a smart drive towards attaining organizational objectives together.

Our approach eliminates bottlenecks in the development processes and ensures agile delivery for all our end-products. The DevOps solutions we offer, bridge the gaps that exist between software development, IT operations, and quality assurance teams. It enables you to quickly develop software products and services while significantly enhancing operational performance.

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Initiate Your Software Development Journey With Our Advanced DevOps Solutions
Major Elements of Our DevOps Consulting Services

Assessment & Planning

We develop a realistic DevOps Assessment roadmap by envisioning the targeted output and determining the traceable results.



Pilot Framework Development

We integrate your existing tools and systems with our robust ecosystem of open-source DevOps solutions and technologies.



DevOps Implementation

We initiate DevOps implementation with proper analysis, design, development, automation, and implementation in the identified domains.



CI/CD Pipeline

We bridge the gaps between structured operations through continuous integration, continuous development, continuous testing, and continuous deployment.

4 Dimensions of Our DevOps Implementation
  • Infrastructure Automation

Our DevOps solutions increase velocity through better automation techniques that use AI to monitor, coordinate and optimize your entire CI/CD workflow. The process improves your throughput, increases collaboration, and offers visibility into the status, development, and final business impact of every release.

  • Continuous Testing

DevOps solutions from Ekipa eliminate delays in testing while simultaneously increasing the standards of the software products. Industry-leading tools that facilitate continuous testing processes embed quality throughout your software development lifecycle to dramatically improve DevOps adoption and accelerate release.

  • Release Management

Our DevOps implementation offers 360º visibility and insights into the software development lifecycle. It enables developers, operations teams, business leaders, SREs, and other stakeholders involved to make better decisions.

  • Feedback Loop

Lack of visibility across the pipeline, systems, and time can often lead to poor decision-making by both developers and business leaders. Backed by automated architecture, our DevOps solutions provide real-time risk & quality assessments and offer actionable insights to improve every aspect of the DevOps lifecycle.

Discover our Diverse DevOps Implementation Services
What Is DevOps?

Even as the adoption of DevOps implementation continues to rise in both small organizations and large multinational enterprises, confusion remains about what exactly the term means. Is DevOps an approach, a culture, a philosophy, a movement, or a combination of all these aspects? Or does DevOps mean something entirely different? 

The term DevOps is an amalgamation of the words “development” and “operations” and represents a cultural switch that bridges the gap between the development and operation teams, which traditionally functioned in siloes. In simple terms, DevOps is a set of practices that function to automate and integrate the processes between software development and IT teams. DevOps solutions enable the teams to create, test, and release software projects quickly and efficiently.  

It facilitates a solid relationship between the development and operations team and focuses on a shift in better collaboration, streamlined processes, and tighter integration. DevOps implementation unites agile, automation, continuous delivery, and much more, to help the teams to innovate faster, be more efficient, and deliver additional value to businesses and customers.

DevOps is the catalyst that an application development process needs in order to achieve organizational objectives seamlessly. Adopting a DevOps strategy makes sense if your business is interested in raising customer satisfaction, decreasing time to market, increasing team collaboration, and boosting productivity.

Strengthen Your Software Development Process with Ekipa’s Best-in-Class DevOps Solutions

Our DevOps solutions combine agile designing, CI/CD automation, continuous testing, and powerful AI-driven actionable insights to accelerate software innovation while reducing business risks and hurdles. The core functionality of our DevOps solutions is to unite teams, operations, and products to collaborate and work towards achieving the mutual objective.

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