Why Creating Corporate Startups

Big enterprises will need to adapt to the fast changes in technology, consumer behavior and a competitive environment.  To survive and thrive as a successful enterprise in the 21st century we have to innovate – or we will be left behind.

Creating an innovative startup ‘engine’ is today crucial for your overall success.

In the last five years, we have seen (technology) startups disrupting and changing entire industries forever.

Gojek and Traveloka changed the way we travel. Tokopedia changed the way we buy. Various fintechs are changing our relationships with money. What are those companies doing right? How are they encouraging participation within their teams? How do they foster growth and new ideas? What do they do to become innovative?

“A modern company is one in which every employee has the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. It respects its employees and their ideas at a fundamental level.

A modern company is disciplined at the rigorous execution of its core business (without discipline, no innovation is possible), but it also employs a complementary set of entrepreneurial management tools for dealing with situations of extreme uncertainty. It’s founded on sustained impact via continuous innovation, and focused on long term results.

It’s made up of cross-functional teams that work together to serve customers through highly iterative and scientific processes. it operates rapid experiments.

It’s composed of leaders and the entrepreneurs they empower.”

 Eric Ries (the startup way)

How can Ekipa Help

At Ekipa, we have worked with many organisations to make the transition from a traditional company to a thorough innovative enterprise with an agile mindset.

We know that enterprises need to transform their organisation into innovative engines without putting the company’s core business in jeopardy. We have also learned that a pragmatic, entrepreneurial program with a clear, iterative structure gets the best results

Our program consists of 4 laps. We can start at any lap depending on your current situation:

  1. Leadership awareness

    Audience: BOD and C-1

    We organize 2 workshops. One with your BOD. Followed by one with C level minus 1. These are half day inception workshops to get leadership support. We discuss how innovation and corporate startups fit your status and create a social contract to move forward.

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  2. Leadership development

    Audience: all leaders involved in the innovation program

    In this lap, we provide coaching to leaders at different levels (from BOD to execution). We will run short workshops to teach specific topics. And we provide one-on-one coaching to embed ‘entrepreneurship’ in the leadership team.

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  3. Pilot projects

    Audience: 1 or more teams + entrepreneurial leaders

    This lap starts with our 2 day training ‘introduction to corporate startups’. We then coach the team(s) through our 90 days innovation program. Details can be found in the form below.

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  4. Scaling

    Audience: Teams, Enabling leaders, all supported by executive sponsor

    In this phase, we plan a widespread roll out based on the success of lap 2. Entrepreneurial leaders across the organization start running innovation projects. The enabling leaders (middle management) create the right support and resources to run a portfolio of startups. The architectural leaders (top management) starts creating the foundations for a complete enterprise transformation.

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  5. Enterprise transformation

    Audience: Architectural leaders supported by BOD.

    Here we embed the entrepreneurial function all across the enterprise; make it your DNA. The central idea is to create ‘continuous transformation’, so the company keeps reinventing itself. We create the architecture for the transformation building blocks: Finance, leadership, governance, HR, ecosystem.

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Our program helps you achieve the following outcomes:

  • Provides more opportunities for leadership
  • Helps keep innovative people in the company
  • Innovative products/services, ahead of competition
  • Reduces wasted time and energy
  • It’s a much better way to kill projects.
  • The ability to solve heterogeneous problems with speed and agility

The ultimate goal is building a portfolio of startups within your enterprise. Every change starts with a first step. To get started on the road to a portfolio, we have a pragmatic, action-oriented program.

In our ‘90 day innovation challenge’ (lap 2), we train and coach 1 or 2 teams. The outcome is learning how the startup process works and hopefully a product market fit for the idea the team works on.

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