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Agile Coach

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About Chitta Amaryllis

Chitta is an Agile & Executive Coach, with a Bachelor degree in Psychology and was certified from International Coach Federation (ICF). Her passion is to motivate the change during Agile Transformation and make it happen.

She helps leaders who wants to gain the significant impact of business agility, flexibility and team productivity, through team facilitation, coaching-interactions and practical tools/ techniques. The goal is how leaders can maximize the learning and able to implement agile and lean thinking to the company specific environment.

She has 15 years experiences in people development (Head of Financial Planning, Head of Basic Sales Course, Head of Learning Centre), has been working closely with business owners and leaders (BOD-1 to BOD-3) from various industries in Indonesia and Malaysia, e.g. Telecommunication, Banking, Manufacturing, Finance, etc to increase their business performance.

In her career with insurance company, she was awarded for Top 3 Best Achievement in supporting sales target and business development.

During cooperation with leaders, Chitta has been committed to be their partners through the process of attaining greater self-awareness, and empower them to be better in every aspect of life – business and personal – be meaningful and aligned with their goals.

Leaders will be able to create an agility mindset for the future, empower team for innovation & creativity and maximize productivity through collaboration.