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Does Agile Work for Non-Software Projects?

One frequently asked question I get about agile is: ‘Can agile work outside of software projects?’ Short answer: Yes Long answer: Yes, and here’s why … As agile missionaries, our decisions and actions always revolve around these 4 core values, popularly known as agile manifesto: individuals and interactions over processes and tools working software over […]

How to start an innovation program?

How to start innovation

The past months, I’ve been talking to many large enterprises about innovation. As Ekipa, we’ve started helping people with our ‘agile innovation’ programs.I started Ekipa 3 years ago in Indonesia. Our first focus was on Agile. The past years we’ve trained and coached thousands of people in Jakarta. The natural evolution of our service is […]

4 Brilliant Ways Business Analysts Can Redefine Their Role in an Agile Environment

We are all familiar with the role of a Business Analyst (BA) and are aware of his/her key responsibilities in software development. The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), a nonprofit professional association, calls Business Analyst as “an agent of change”. It says, “Business Analysis is a disciplined approach for introducing and managing change to […]

What Corporates can Learn from Startups – Part 2

corporates and startups

This article is a continuation of the article I wrote last week which can be found here . My favorite startup author, Eric Ries, write some very interesting points for corporate innovators in his book ‘the startup way’. He explains what makes silicon valley startups special. In bigger enterprises that try to build innovation programs […]

6 Steps to Begin Your Agile Transformation

So you’re an agile missionary and you want your company to taste the sweet paradise of agile-topia. You’ve read the agile books, attended trainings and conferences, and even paid visit to your local agile shop. You’ve never felt so ready in your life. Now it’s time to present your ideas to your company and you […]

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