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What the Scrum Masters are Doing all Day? [SURVEY RESULTS]

Role of Scrum Master

I am sure many of you might agree to me with the statement that the Scrum Master is a crucial player on any Scrum teams, but what exactly does he or she do all day? I am quite sure, there are a lot of people scratching their heads and thinking: We all are working like […]

What Corporates can Learn from Startups

corporates and startups

My favorite startup author, Eric Ries, write some very interesting points for corporate innovators in his book ‘the startup way’. He explains what makes silicon valley startups special. In bigger enterprises that try to build innovation programs or corporate startups, leaders can use these ideas to create the right culture and structure. Let’s have a […]

How to spark Intrapreneurship?


I was going through a paper shared by my new colleague Stefan Lindegaard: ‘The people side of innovation‘. One part struck me as the essence of innovation: Intrapreneurship can be defined as the practice of using entrepreneurial skills without taking on the risks or accountability associated with entrepreneurial activities (starting your own business). Instead they […]

My personal ‘Why’ to bring Corporate Startups in Indonesia

Corporate Startups in indonesia

I’m a thinker. Most of my day, ideas fly through my brain. Oftentimes I think about my own goals, aspirations, and why I do what I do. Here’s what my brain worked on today. Half a year ago I was invited by Telkom Indonesia to speak at their ‘Amigo’ event. The central theme of the […]

Things you should know About Agile and Innovation

Agile and Innovation

I’m reading Eric Ries, ‘The Startup Way’ for the second time. The book strikes me as one of the best books about ‘modern enterprise management every written. I did an MBA and read loads of (old) books about management. In today’s volatile market, disrupted by startups and technological innovations, we need a new paradigm. Managers […]

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