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6 Steps to Begin Your Agile Transformation

So you’re an agile missionary and you want your company to taste the sweet paradise of agile-topia. You’ve read the agile books, attended trainings and conferences, and even paid visit to your local agile shop. You’ve never felt so ready in your life. Now it’s time to present your ideas to your company and you […]

Peran Development Team, Scrum Master, Dan Product Owner Pada Daily Scrum : Kesalaham Konsep Dan Bagaimana Semestinya Dilakukan?

Tidak sedikit Development Team yang menganggap bahwa Daily Scrum merupakan event membosankan yang kurang membawa manfaat sehingga seringkali event ini ditinggalkan. Apakah Anda termasuk yang berpendapat demikian? Apa sebenarnya Daily Scrum?Bagaimana semestinya dilakukan? Daily Scrum adalah salah satu dari scrum event yang wajib dilakukan oleh Development Team setiap harinya dengan time box maksimal 15 menit. […]

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Do Ekipa ISM Certification Course

Ekipa Indonesian Scrum Master Certification Course is a 2 Days hands-on training that takes you through the scrum/agile principles and practices that helps you tackle the increasingly complex challenges of project management and software development. The training also covers continuous testing and automation which helps the organization to accelerate productivity. Whether your team would like to […]

A Perfect Marriage: Lean Startup & Scrum

One of the big elephants in every development room: developers refrain from speaking to customers. Most development teams see their work as ‘developing code’. They don’t see their work as ‘developing great software that users truly need’. I’m a big fan of lean startup. I’m also a big fan of scrum. I think lean startup is a […]

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