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Category Archives: Agile Coach

Does Agile Work for Non-Software Projects?

One frequently asked question I get about agile is: ‘Can agile work outside of software projects?’ Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yes, and here’s why … As agile missionaries, our decisions and actions always revolve around these 4 core values, popularly known as agile manifesto: individuals and interactions over processes and tools working software over […]

Agility, Self-Organization, and a Lot More – Interview With Ralph van Roosmalen

Ralph van Roosmalen is one of the leading Agile and Organization Coaches. He is an innovative Agile Enabler helping organizations and individuals to embrace an Agile mindset to make the next step in their development. He helps in coaching and defining the management role in an agile environment by using practices, tools and experiences from Management 3.0. […]


scrum master to agile coach

Berikut ini pandangan saya sebagai seorang Agile Coach di Ekipa, sebuah perusahaan konsultan agile yang cukup ternama di Indonesia. Saya akan memulai dari tantangan sebagai Agile Coach, setidaknya ada tiga tantangan utama ketika menjadi seorang external Agile Coach. Pertama, high expectation. Sebagai seorang external coach atau konsultan agile maka Anda harus siap dengan ekspektasi yang […]

My personal ‘Why’ to bring Corporate Startups in Indonesia

Corporate Startups in indonesia

I’m a thinker. Most of my day, ideas fly through my brain. Oftentimes I think about my own goals, aspirations, and why I do what I do. Here’s what my brain worked on today. Half a year ago I was invited by Telkom Indonesia to speak at their ‘Amigo’ event. The central theme of the […]

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