“At its root, Scrum is based on a simple idea: whenever you start a project, why not regularly check in, see if what you’re doing is heading in the right direction, and if it’s actually what people want? And question whether there are any ways to improve how you’re doing what you’re doing, any ways of doing it better and faster, and what might be keeping you from doing that”

- Jeff Sutherland

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Why is it so hard to become Entrepreneurial?

Why is it so hard to become Entrepreneurial?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. Somehow I can’t help it. Wherever I go, I see opportunities. Any problem that arises looks like something to build a company around. Lately, I’ve started helping larger enterprises on their journey to innovation. To create innovation, we need entrepreneurship. And that’s hard to find, especially in enterprises. I’m always […]

6 Sure Ways to Write Good Articles

Have you ever had a really good idea you want to write about, but not sure how to start writing? You’re not alone. Short articles are now one of the most sought after contents online. But, with people spending less time actually reading and more time scanning, how can you be sure your ideas get […]

Innovation in Indonesia: Strategy vs Execution

Innovation in indonesia

I’m on a personal quest to find out how I can best help the innovation ecosystem in Indonesia. At heart, I am an entrepreneur. I’m always seeing business opportunities around me and am inclined to ‘get going right away’. I’ve also learned that it’s good to sometimes sit on an idea a few days to […]

Does Agile Work for Non-Software Projects?

One frequently asked question I get about agile is: ‘Can agile work outside of software projects?’ Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yes, and here’s why … As agile missionaries, our decisions and actions always revolve around these 4 core values, popularly known as agile manifesto: individuals and interactions over processes and tools working software over […]

How to start an innovation program?

How to start innovation

The past months, I’ve been talking to many large enterprises about innovation. As Ekipa, we’ve started helping people with our ‘agile innovation’ programs.I started Ekipa 3 years ago in Indonesia. Our first focus was on Agile. The past years we’ve trained and coached thousands of people in Jakarta. The natural evolution of our service is […]

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