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Author Archives: Rez Harditya

7 Ways to Stay Super Productive When Working Remotely

Are you trying to work remotely, but feel that you and your team are not as productive as you would when working from the same location? We know exactly how you feel. In today’s workplace, being flexible comes with the need to adapt to changing working situations – including ones that require you to work […]

6 Sure Ways to Write Good Articles

Have you ever had a really good idea you want to write about, but not sure how to start writing? You’re not alone. Short articles are now one of the most sought after contents online. But, with people spending less time actually reading and more time scanning, how can you be sure your ideas get […]

Does Agile Work for Non-Software Projects?

One frequently asked question I get about agile is: ‘Can agile work outside of software projects?’ Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yes, and here’s why … As agile missionaries, our decisions and actions always revolve around these 4 core values, popularly known as agile manifesto: individuals and interactions over processes and tools working software over […]

6 Steps to Begin Your Agile Transformation

So you’re an agile missionary and you want your company to taste the sweet paradise of agile-topia. You’ve read the agile books, attended trainings and conferences, and even paid visit to your local agile shop. You’ve never felt so ready in your life. Now it’s time to present your ideas to your company and you […]

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