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The DNA of a true agile organization

The DNA of a true agile organization

Lately, I see some companies move to true ‘agile enterprises’. I’ve always been a firm believer of empowerment and self management. To become a true agile organization (as opposed to an organization that does some agile in some projects), we need those two ingredients. An enterprise needs to reinvent its DNA.  To reinvent the DNA, […]

Why is it so hard to become Entrepreneurial?

Why is it so hard to become Entrepreneurial?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. Somehow I can’t help it. Wherever I go, I see opportunities. Any problem that arises looks like something to build a company around. Lately, I’ve started helping larger enterprises on their journey to innovation. To create innovation, we need entrepreneurship. And that’s hard to find, especially in enterprises. I’m always […]

Innovation in Indonesia: Strategy vs Execution

Innovation in indonesia

I’m on a personal quest to find out how I can best help the innovation ecosystem in Indonesia. At heart, I am an entrepreneur. I’m always seeing business opportunities around me and am inclined to ‘get going right away’. I’ve also learned that it’s good to sometimes sit on an idea a few days to […]

How to start an innovation program?

How to start innovation

The past months, I’ve been talking to many large enterprises about innovation. As Ekipa, we’ve started helping people with our ‘agile innovation’ programs.I started Ekipa 3 years ago in Indonesia. Our first focus was on Agile. The past years we’ve trained and coached thousands of people in Jakarta. The natural evolution of our service is […]

What Corporates can Learn from Startups – Part 2

corporates and startups

This article is a continuation of the article I wrote last week which can be found here . My favorite startup author, Eric Ries, write some very interesting points for corporate innovators in his book ‘the startup way’. He explains what makes silicon valley startups special. In bigger enterprises that try to build innovation programs […]

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