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A Perfect Marriage: Lean Startup & Scrum

One of the big elephants in every development room: developers refrain from speaking to customers. Most development teams see their work as ‘developing code’. They don’t see their work as ‘developing great software that users truly need’. I’m a big fan of lean startup. I’m also a big fan of scrum. I think lean startup is a fantastic addition to any scrum team; it addresses the elephant. Scrum tells a team that they’d better work in iterations. […]

Agile Entrepreneurship

The more time I spend in the agile community, the more I come to 2 conclusions: A. we are building ‘the organizations of the future‘ (next article) B. to get there, we need more entrepreneurship I have always been an entrepreneur. Since a young age, I wanted to start my own company. Especially during my MBA, I never understood why most people aspired to work in a large enterprise. But times have changed. Today, the startup […]

Do We Really Need An Agile Coach?

To be honest, I think there are way too many coaches in the world. For years, while walking around the IT industry in the Netherlands, I saw the market getting flooded with agile coaches. At meetups, 50% of the people were agile coaches. People left their jobs to become agile coach. And I always thought: why do we need them? Based on my experience doing a lot of agile training the past year, I do […]

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