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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you better understand.

Nowadays Agile is considered as one of the approaches that fit with most business and operations challenges, especially to get a speed of Go To Market for products and services.

Agile Training is an important entry point for businesses/organizations to understand better the whole ideas of the approach.

Yes, no worries.

One of Agile learning is about mindset and how you optimize the ways of working. We combine all aspects of technical and non-technical you can get more benefits from the learning program.

Definitely yes!

We do customize the training needs, from the point of focus subject up to how we will deliver the training. You are safe with us, as we do want to help you reach your potential.

Ekipa has wisdom and experiences gained from more than 60 business organizations in multi-industry sectors.

Supported by experienced Agile Coaches / Business Consultants, Ekipa provides an end-to-end solution from an event of Agile Maturity Assessment to analyze and plan the focus point improvement up to customized Training, Coaching-Mentoring, and Consulting services.

Our standard quality training delivery will include pre-test and post-test to measure your learning aptitude.

Most of the training comprises interactive, quizzes and games. Simulation and case also applied for some specific training subject.

If you take Agile Training, you will find our training objective is more to provide you with high-level knowledge than cascaded down into specific subject matters which gives you a round of knowledge.

As an outcome of the training, we expect you will gain broad and specific knowledge that can be applied to your current works.

Fill out the form in under 30-seconds. Our team will get back to you and make sort of training needs analysis, for us to be able to recommend to you the best learning subject.

It varies, starting from simple 2-Hours introduction sessions up to a 3-Days Bootcamp series.

Fill out the form in under 30-seconds so we can understand and properly reach you with better option duration for your Agile Training.

Yes and No – depends on the subject.

We can customize for small groups or we deliver a mass class. Fill out the form in under 30-seconds so we can understand and properly reach you with better option of number of people from your businesses / organizations.

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We are moving website domains soon and look forward to sharing a brand new experience with you are Ekipa.co

We are moving our website domain soon and look forward to share a brand new experience with you at ekipa.co

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