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Agile Training

We provide interactive agile training, face to face, and online.

Ekipa Consultancy provides an extensive range of training programs. Most of our programs are available in both live classroom and interactive online formats. We are happy to customise our standard training programs to support the specific needs of your organisation.

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Agile Coaching

EKIPA offers both Agile Team Coaching and Agile Enterprise Coaching.

A Team Coach joins your agile teams to help facilitate, train, mentor, and coach team members in their adoption of agile understanding and practice.

An Enterprise Coach works together with Team Coaches, your transformation team, and leadership, providing guidance on scaling your agile transformation beyond the team level.

Our agile coaches bring with them a wealth of business and technology experience to partner with you and your teams throughout your transformation journey.

Join the movement! Get supported by Ekipa. Become Agile & Innovative.

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Agile Transformation

We offer Agile transformation.

A New Age of Team Management has Begun Flexibility is the new mantra. Markets are changing faster than ever. New technologies arise overnight. New markets, consumer needs and decisions require new strategies and revised decision making in business. Top-down management and waterfall project management have reached their limit.

In order to succeed in the 21st century, you actively approach the consumer, understand their needs and adapt quickly. “Build. Measure. Learn.” is the success factor to stay ahead of the competition.

Join the movement! Get supported by Ekipa. Changing the ways of working.

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Digital Innovation Strategy​

We help you in Digital Innovation  journey!

Why Digital Innovation?
Digital technologies are changing the face of organisations. Digital innovation strategy accelerates transformation of business activities, processes, competencies and models to leverage the opportunities of technology and customer behaviour. Customer, not technology, are the most important piece in the enterprise for digital innovation strategy. 
Business leaders must constantly challenge their organisations to ensure that the digital innovation strategy can unlock a significant competitive advantage, while delivering exceptional customer experience.
Ready to start your digital innovation strategy!
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Digital Product Team

We help organisations to get the right product team on-site or remote.

We are the Digital Product Partner for organisations. We co-create digital experiences by empowering your in-house team and by tapping innovative capability in your traditional corporate ecosystem. We help organisations to adapt, evolve, and innovate.

Understanding Your Needs Better

Agile Maturity

The purpose of the Ekipa Agile Maturity Assessment Tool is to assess the agility health for an organization or team. The assessment is based on 4 categories: People, Process, Structure, and Tools.

Road map
planning session

The transformation needs a clear story & direction Why? what are the benefits if we achieve change? Being & Doing. What are the cultural changes? What are the changes in the way we work? What are the things we want to change?

Action plan on how
we can support

Based on the inputs from the Agile Maturity Assessment and the Road map planning session you will receive our Action plan to help you in your journey to become more Innovative and Agile.