Ekipa Agile Maturity Assessment

A holistic way to check your organization’s state of agility.

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Why using it?

Ekipa Agile Maturity Assessment Tool can be used to

  • set transformation goals,
  • monitor progress,
  • and get the team in cohesion regarding agile development. This includes: Agile Coaches, team members, managers, and senior leadership.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of the Ekipa Agile Maturity Assessment Tool is to assess the agility health for an organization or team.

How is it designed?

  • 25 Statements
  • Based on the 12 Agile principles
  • Based on the 4 Agile values
  • 4 main categories
    • People
    • Tools
    • Structure
    • Process

  • 5 levels of Agile Maturity
    • Level 1 No Agile
    • Level 2 Hybrid Agile
    • Level 3 Basic Agile
    • Level 4 Matured Agile
    • Level 5 Excellent Agile

  • Assessment on a quarterly base

How does it works?

  • The team will fill out the survey online during a session with the Agile Coach.
  • The email will be used as identifier on group level. It will never be used on individual level!
  • They have to read the statements carefully and select the right description that reflect your current situation best.
  • The session will take max 30 min.
  • During the session the team can ask help if needed form the Agile Coach.
  • The team will fill out the survey online.
  • They will fill it out separately for all the teams they are working with.