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We believe that today’s fast-paced business world is based on knowledge, innovation and education. The core value creation of each organization is rooted in their teams, ideas and products. In factories, individuals made ‘pins’. In today’s service economy, teams outsmart individuals.

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2-Day High-Quality Certified SCRUM Training

Upcoming Certification Training: February 20 – 21, 2019, Ayaka Suites, Jakarta

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Our Awesome Team

Meet other Awesome People too

Our Awesome Team

Meet other Awesome People too

What We Offer

What We Offer

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What makes Ekipa a great place to work? Awesome, fun-loving & energetic people. Smart, diligent and driven towards team goal, we work on new ideas and collaboration. Educating teams on scrum and help them adopt agile techniques are our top talent and why we are one of the leading Agile consulting agencies in South East Asia. If you are looking for a great community, a promising career and to make a difference being part of a self-organised team, you’ve come to the right hub.

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About Us

Ekipa is your agile training and coaching agency.
We support companies in Indonesia to adopt agile practices for your team and project management.
Our team consists of international and Indonesian experts. Our team of trainers and coaches have up to 10+ years of experience in Scrum, building businesses and leading teams. Together we can tackle your challenges.