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OKR. Objective Key Results. Contoh OKR.

OKR and OKR Examples 101 E-Book
[Bahasa Indonesia]

What made Google grew into a giant company today?

Turned out one of the key is they're using OKR in terms of planning and executing their strategies.

Now, what is OKR?

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Agile Training. Coaching. Courses. Certification. Community.

Time to Amplify Impact

The world went through massive transformations.
Your business should too.

Ekipa will help your business to adapt by driving agile innovation in your organisation, combining live training, coaching, online courses with real case studies, premium certification, and support by our exclusive community.

We got you.

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Start Agile.

15 Years of Wisdom
in One Book

The ultimate guide to Start your Agile Journey.

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About Ekipa

Ekipa is Indonesia’s only end-to-end Agile and Innovation Consultancy.
We exist to help Indonesian companies and organisations to become more Agile, leading to better business outcomes for them and also help them to Innovate and bring out more entrepreneurial people.

We are a fully incorporated, locally-owned Indonesian company with both Indonesian and foreign employees.  

We also believe today’s value creation is about breaking the rules of the game. Technology enables startups to disrupt any industry. Young entrepreneurial people see opportunities and go out to realize them. Enterprises have all the money, resources and market to do the same.

Our programs foster intrapreneurs to go out and launch the winning products of the future inside their enterprises.

Ekipa Services

Agile Transformation

Learn and build the right mindset, skill, and culture to master agile through interactive training, both face-to-face and online training.

Our well-experienced agile coaches will help you facilitate, train, mentor, and coach the team members to improve their agile understanding and implementation.

Get more done by doing less and better serve the interest of customers through our agile transformation formula.

Our Executive Agile Coach will help you respond to the fast-changing world by adjusting your way of working.

Move your agile journey forward without putting your life on hold. Sharpen your agile understanding through series of online courses at Ekipa.

Step up your career with our leading Agile Certification and broaden your professional networking with Agile Practitioners.

Agile Innovation

Our venture builders are true entrepreneurial teams that help you create startups.

Instead of creating them internally, we start new ventures from the ground up.

Our Agile venture growers help you reach scale.

We bring the agile way of working, clear priorities and a strong culture.

We help you figure out innovation, the startup way.

Our Agile Pirates help you create a ‘home’ for your innovation efforts. Infusing entrepreneurship, we bring a different mindset, ecosystem and true impact.

We help businesses in Indonesia to build successful IT solutions through an agile team of software professionals.

We offer custom software development services that have been built on a deep understanding of business needs, technology expertise, market trends, and industry best agile methodologies.

Ekipa for You

I'm New to Agile

Agile is an effective methodology you can use in project management across industry.

It will help you to start your career journey!

  • Provide a community where you can discuss and practice agile with peers and professionals.
  • Introducing you to agile methodology you can use on your workplace.
  • Provide 1on1 access to Agile Coach for a personalized learning.
  • Grant you access to knowledge and course related to agile and product management.

I'm currently
Implementing Agile

You probably already face a couple of challenges.

But hey, let’s keep learning!

  • Networking with professionals and peers in the industry;
  • Conduct focus group discussions where you can ask questions related to your challenges with peers and our agile coach
  • Provide 1on1 access to Agile Coach for a personalized learning;
  • Sharpen your knowledge about agile and product management.

I'm well Experienced
in Implementing Agile

Agile methodology is constantly evolving throughout the time.

As a professional we need to keep up to date!

  • Networking with professionals and peers in the industry;

  • Keep you up to date with the latest knowledge and skills about agile;

  • Provide 1on1 access to Agile Coach for a personalized learning experience;

  • Improving your product development process.

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